It is indeed my pleasure and honor to welcome you to our website on behalf of the members of the Columbus Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. I invite you to visit and learn more about our chapter’s rich history and ongoing commitment to serving our community. I encourage you to utilize our website as a resource for upcoming events and valuable resources.

CMAC continues to support our National Five Point Programmatic Thrust through positive events and programs that focus on:


1. Economic Development
2. Educational Development
3. International Awareness and Involvement
4. Physical and Mental Health
5. Political Awareness and Involvement


As leaders in the community, we pride ourselves on being a pro-active force in empowering, educating and engaging all that we encounter. Our work within our youth mentoring, scholarship program, annual health fairs, youth mental health workshops and financial literacy programs are only a few examples of our commitment to service. We are also committed to Social Action and the empowerment of those who need our support.


As our chapter moves forward with our focus on Sisterhood, Scholarship and Service, we are dedicated to honoring the legacy from our 1970 chartering to our current wide-spread and impactful work within the Chattahoochee Valley.  Thank you for visiting our website and please review our Calendar of Events for opportunities to join us as we make a difference in our community and continue to do what Deltas do!  


In Service, 


Michelle Nelson-Hawkins, President
Columbus Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter

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